MultiMonitor Pro

MultiMonitor Pro 3.0

Use two desktops on different monitors


  • Works with up to three screens
  • Better than cramming everything onto one desktop


  • Not optimized for certain programs
  • Taskbar sometimes doesn't extend over both monitors

Very good

Have you ever dreamed of having two desktops on one PC? It's not as hard as it sounds with MultiMonitor Pro.

Basically, MultiMonitor Pro allows you to use two different desktops on the same or different screens where you can place different icons and shortcuts.

Or for example, you can have one window maximized on a desktop one and one minimized on the other desktop using an external monitor.

Obviously, MultiMonitor Pro works much better with two monitors than one because working with half a desktop on one monitor isn't really worth it.

Once you get used to using two desktops, it's probably hard to switch back and get used to using one again. However, it seems that not all windows or applications will show up on an external monitor.

Why this is is not exactly clear but it may be a bug in the program or simply that not all programs are compatible with it.

Multi-Monitor Pro is a great solution for video editors or other design professionals that need to use two monitors.

MultiMonitor Pro


MultiMonitor Pro 3.0

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  • by Anonymous

    A MUST!.
    I love this program so much! I couldn't even imagine going a day w/out it! Highly recommended for peopl...   More